Free online school lessons for 1-11th grade Ukrainian students

1. For 1-11th graders
2. Full school curriculum
3. Online
4. Everything is for free





Interesting and talented teachers

We gathered top-tier private school teachers from Ukraine. Memby supports them and pays them full wages.

Engaging online lessons

Live lessons with professional teachers willing to help each student. Smart teaching technologies and special methodologies do not leave any student aside.

Lessons' recordings

If a student is late or unable to come to class on time, they will always find a video of the lesson on our platform. This helps students not only to keep up with the times, but also to repeat more difficult or already forgotten lessons.

How to join free lessons?

1. Register and log in to the platform

You can register via your Facebook account or email. mail.

2. Go to the "Events" section

Here you will see the lesson topic, time and teacher.

3. Join the lessons when they start

Check out the schedule and attend free lessons.


Why the lessons are for free?
We want to help Ukrainian people cope with the current situation.
How is the learning program now being prepared?
At the moment we are just doing free lessons according to the school program, BUT if we see a lot of people joining, we will do the whole program.
Is it possible to ask questions during the lesson?
Yes! There are 2 ways: 1) You can ask a question in the chat. 2) You can raise your hand and ask a question to the teacher live (aloud).
Are the lessons in groups or individually?
Lessons are held in small groups.
What time do the lessons take place?
Classes are held on weekdays from 16:00 to 20:00. See the schedule for more details.
How to join the lesson?
Log in to the platform and go to the "Home" page. There you will see lessons that are taking place at the moment and the ones that will take place in the future.
What do you need to prepare for the lesson?
You won't need much. Just prepare a working PC, stable wifi and a notebook.
Is it possible to join via mobile phone?
Yes! The platform is as easy to use in mobile phones as well.
Do I need a camera and a microphone?
No! You can totally participate without using your camera and microphone.
What should I do if I was late to the lesson?
No worries! You can always watch the recordings of the lessons in our archive.

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